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Here are some of the things Clients say about

Bridges To Health:


"About twelve years ago I suffered from extreme pain in my lower back. It was so bad that I could barely sit, walk, stand, or even sleep. I tried other medical alternatives but those did not work for me. I finally discovered Lee Stang of Bridges To Health. My first visit with Lee was an experience in itself. I found Lee to be extremely knowledgeable and experienced. She worked muscles I didn't know I had. At my request, Lee worked on me for several months 2-3 times a week addressing my physical needs. After several months of treatment I found myself pain free and able to sit, walk, stand, and sleep again. Being pain free allowed me to return to a normal lifestyle. I was again able to hike, golf and go places which I could not do a year and a half earlier. To this day, I still continue my visits with Lee and her extremely knowledgeable staff at Bridges To Health for massages. Only now they are for relaxation or an occasional tune-up on some tight muscles. I highly recommend everyone visit Bridges To Health for a massage for relaxation or to tend to those stiff or sore muscles. You will be amazed at the difference you feel!

                                    B. Wade; Bristol

"I do not consider massage an "extra" or a "treat" in my life. For me, it is one of the essential ways I have learned to care for my body. Under the competent skill of Lee Stang and the staff at Bridges to Health, my entire physical being feels healthier, more limber, aligned, relaxed."

                       S. J.; Burlington


" I have been going to Bridges To Health for over 15 years. I often present them with lots of problems to solve and everytime it is a little different than before. They alwyas know just what technique to use on each muscle to resolve the problem. I can absolutely rely on them to find and relieve my muscle tightness and allow me to remain pain free."

                                    R. Knight; Southington


" Bridges to Heath therapists have worked with me for over 8 years starting just prior to my surgery for breast cancer. They were wonderful, supporting me with massage and energy work prior to my bilateral mastectomy, through recovery as well as through chemo and radiation. I have just stayed with them recieving regular massage sessions to help me maintain optimal health and wellness.:

                                B. E. Healy; Southington

"Lee Stang was recommended to me by my medical oncologist. I first met her less than a week before my mastectomy. She did myofascial release in that area both pre- and post-surgery. I am convinced that the healing work that Lee did with me helped my tissues remain soft, pliant, and flexible. I needed no physical therapy following my surgery, and I attribute that to the work that we did together. Her caring, sensitive presence at one of the most difficult times of my life was equally healing."

                     S. J.; Burlington

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