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Stress Reduction / Relaxation

Therapeutic Massage facilitates the relaxation response in the body. Utilizing long flowing massage strokes, heat and energy work massage can decrease blood pressure, increase circulation to tight overused muscles, lower stress hormone levels and produce an overall feeling of relaxation and wellness. Recent studies show that just a one hour Swedish massage significantly reduces the levels of Cortisol in the body. Cortisol is a primary hormone associated with long term stress. The lowering of this hormone aides in promoting stress reduction and relaxation.

Effects of massage are cumulative. Incorporating massage regularly into your busy lifestyle will have a positive long-term effect in combating the negative effects of prolonged stress. Just as the body learns to be tense and tight it can re-learn to be more relaxed. Regularly scheduled therapeutic massage sessions combined with a program of self care will keep you functioning at your optimal level. Efficiency at work or home improves significantly the more relaxed you are both physically and mentally.

Approaches often effective in reducing the effects of prolonged stress include: Swedish Massage and Energy Work.

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